Professional Development and Educational Research

The research programme “Professional Development and Educational Research” conducts research into the professionals’ judgement and the development of the professions

The research is also conducted into the correlation between how the teachers teach and the learners' learning outcome.

International research reveals that it is the daily experiences in the classroom that most affect learning. It is the teaching method rather than the topics that plays the most import role in the learning process.

The focus is, therefore, on the factors that increase the learning outcome in a broad sense in the physical and virtual learning environments. Such a wide scope for research requires research contributions from many disciplines and from across various areas of expertise.

Projects in Professional Development and Educational Research

The research programme supports research projects within the following four themes:

  1. Discipline-specific didactic methods, didactics and learning strategies;
  2. New exams, evaluation and assessment forms;
  3. Goal-orientated teaching, relations and feedback; and,
  4. Development of the profession and reflective practice-based learning (i.e. UCN's learning approach).


Susanne Dau
Docent and Head of research programme

+45 72 69 12 46
Preben Olund Kirkegaard

+45 72 69 04 16