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Our research contributes to the development and implementation of new and relevant digital technologies in healthcare practice. We include co-creative processes in our research approach to ensure a constructive interaction between the individual and technology.

The praxis oriented research results we provide are implemented both in praxis and in our study programmes at UCN (especially within the health programmes) to ensure an innovative development of healthcare professions, businesses, and practice.

Our vision in Health and Applied Technology is to be an attractive research partner to other research institutions, private enterprises and public partners across our region as well as at national and international level.

The research centre is involved in a number of different research projects - here you can see three examples.



The main objective of Skills4HL is to increase knowledge about, and behavior associated with health literacy (HL) in healthcare professionals working with individuals at risk of developing dementia. This is achieved by the development and implementation of a digital educational program targeting healthcare students, especially in nursing and care. Hereby aspiring and improving health quality of life and hopefully reducing the risk of developing dementia. Skills4HL is a European Erasmus+ project that involves research institutions from Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden. 



IDEAHL is a European HorizonEurope project involving 14 European partners. The aim of the project is to develop and test knowledge, models and policy for health literacy (HL) and digital health literacy ((d)HL) with the purpose to improve EU citizens' (d)HL skills to improve a healthy and active lifestyle. The knowledge generated in IDEAHL will be the starting point of a wide-ranging and inclusive European digital health-literacy strategy.



InnoCompTec is an Interreg project that develops nursing home staff's skills in preventing the spread of infection. The project is led by Vesthimmerlands Municipality in collaboration with Mölndal Municipality, Campus Mölndal, Danish Life Science Cluster and UCN. In the project, simulation technologies (VR and AR technology) are developed to train prevention and handling of the spread of infection, as well as avatars to train dialogue with citizens and relatives. A total of 60 nursing home employees in Denmark and Sweden will get new competencies. UCN is responsible for impact evaluation of the project.

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We focus on research activities in close collaboration with different types of health care partners, both domestic and from abroad.


The work in the research centre results in a number of publications each year. Most are available for download.


The research centre has a number of active researchers with a deep and broad insight into health care and technology.

Collaborative research with Steno Diabetes Centre Northern Denmark

The Research Centre Health and Applied Technology collaborate with Steno Diabetes Centre Northern Denmark to support the world’s best diabetes treatment and improve better life conditions and quality of life for people diagnosed with diabetes.

Research about Dementia

Diana Schack Thoft is the research manager of the Research Centre Health and Applied Technology. She is the head of research in dementia at UCN. Among other things, her research focuses on how research can promote and support the voices of people with dementia and their family caregivers to ensure they are heard in the dementia research.


Diana Schack Thoft

Research Manager

Jette Bangshaab

Research Coordinator