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UCN and other university colleges only issue diplomas digitally in .pdf format. We do this to save the world's limited resources and, not least, to ensure that our graduates always have access to their diploma. Furthermore, we also want to save them the trouble they would face had they lost a hard copy of the diploma.

Diplomas are sent to the graduates' digital mailboxes.

From e-Boks, graduates can forward the diploma to third parties or download the diploma to their own storage device and send it as an attachment to an email or through digital recruitment systems when they apply for jobs.

Verification of diploma authenticity

Authenticity of digital diplomas can be verified on the web site

On this page you can upload the digital diploma you received from one of our graduates and enter the verification ID indicated on the diploma.

The diploma will be looked up in our database and compared to the one you just uploaded. This way you can find out whether the version you uploaded is identical to the diploma UCN issued and whether the diploma is authentic.