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UCN hosts International Days as an annual event where we invite our many partners to visit UCN. The International Days give our guests and UCN's staff the opportunity to network with peers and exchange best practices across borders. This in turn enhances our international competencies and allows us to expand our ongoing collaborative efforts with international partners.

The International Days and the 17 Sustainable Global Goals were first introduced in 2019, and the Goals remain a very relevant agenda. Putting the Goals' 169 targets into action will take time, and the International Days will therefore maintain an overall focus on the 17 Global Goals, while the specific theme may vary from year to year.

By hosting our International Days, we turn the spotlight on goal No. 4: Quality Education and No. 17: Partnerships for the Goals. However, all the Goals may play a part during the International Days as they are interconnected and relevant to our various study programmes. We aim for The International Days to be a source of inspiration to all participants in their day-to-day working lives.

Participating in the International Days

Participating in the International Days at UCN is an opportunity to share knowledge and experience within your educational field and to develop your professional competence in an international setting. As an international guest lecturer, you will be invited to collaborate with UCN lecturers to discuss and share experiences. The International Days feature presentations, lectures, workshops, visits to enterprises and institutions, and of course networking opportunities for the participants.


Mette Østergaard Samuelsen

International leder

Mette Brink Jensen

International konsulent