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UCN has a total of 9.000 students in academy profession, and bachelor's degree programmes as well as more than 9.400 course participants in continuing education and around 900 employees.

A brief account of UCN's history

UCN and the other Danish university colleges were formed under the Danish act on university colleges for higher education, which was adopted by the Danish parliament in 2007. Today, the sector is composed of six university colleges.

Formally, UCN has been in existence since 3 July, 2007 and is a merger between a number of educational institutions.

For the first year of its existence, UCN comprised the former CVU Nordjylland (Hjørring Teacher College, Aalborg Teacher College, the College of Social Pedagogy and the Skipper Clement college) and Sundheds CVU Nordjylland (the Aalborg School of Nursing and Radiography, Vendsyssel School of Nursing, the Denmark School of Midwifery in Aalborg as well as the School of Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy). Back then, UCN provided eight bachelor's degree programmes as well as a number of courses and continuing professional education courses in pedagogy and health.

UCN was the first university college to merge with a business academy. This took place on 1 January, 2009 when Nordjyllands Erhvervsakademi (Business Academy Nordjylland) became part of the university college.

On 1 July, 2016, UCN increased its education activities in the city of Thisted when UCN took over the nursing, pedagogy and pedagogy assistant programmes from VIA University College. By then, UCN was already providing the marketing management and financial management programmes in Thisted.

Today, UCN covers all of North Jutland with a range of short-cycle and first cycle degrees in business, education, health, and technology with campuses in the cities of Aalborg, Hjørring and Thisted. All told, UCN provides 28 academy profession and profession-oriented bachelor's degree programmes, one vocational education programme and 11 top-up programmes. UCN has approximately 9,000 students. UCN's continuing professional education programmes and courses are provided by UCN act2learn and UCN Educational Resources Centre (CFU).


We develop North Jutland

University College of Northern Denmark is a regionally-based, practice-oriented knowledge institution. With an eye on national and international progress, we educate the professionals who will foster sustainable growth and welfare now and in the future.

In close collaboration with trades, industries and professions, UCN creates a special kind of learning, knowledge and innovation that enables students, businesses and institutions to act - and to dare act - in a reflected manner in the dilemmas, challenges, and opportunities that come with technological and societal change.

Vision 2030

Knowledge, skills, and competencies for a new time

Based on our strengths and values – and in collaboration with the world around us – University College of Northern Denmark will develop from being an educational institution into being an international-level, applied-knowledge institution with a continued focus on practice.

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