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UCN provides higher education and performs research, development, and innovation activities within the 4 main areas of business, education and social education, healthcare, and technology. Our campus locations are spread across the region in the cities of Hjørring, Thisted and Aalborg. Through teaching and research activities, we create practice-oriented knowledge, learning and innovation. Our focus on real-life competencies is supported by our approach to learning, which we call Reflective Practice-based Learning (also known as RPL).

UCN is obligated to balance the public and the private sector and has a strong societal commitment to create sustainable welfare and growth. The sustainability agenda is embedded in the UCN strategy and plays an important role in developing curriculum at programme level and in mobility activities. Sustainability, green transition, health, democracy, and civil rights are some of the key points to ensure that UCN students will be well prepared to work in a developing society.

UCN strives to be a leading, globally-oriented university of applied sciences. We want to maintain a global outlook by teaching our students in Denmark and abroad. This is to create a clear path from professional knowledge at a high international level to action and innovation in the local labour market.

Participating in international cooperation projects on teaching and learning will contribute to strengthen UCN's international profile. This will be facilitated greatly by our participation in activities in the Erasmus+ programmes. Furthermore, the Erasmus+ Programme supports and develops our staff competencies and prepares our students for the global labour market.

Lastly, the Erasmus+ Programme's strong focus on sustainability and digitalisation fits well into UCN’s overall strategy concerning internationalisation and modernisation. UCN believes that digitalisation is necessary for students irrespective of their field of study.

UCN's strategy is to aim at strategic partnerships that provide synergy in relation to the knowledge triangle. High-quality degree programmes require a strong institution and are of great importance for UCN’s competitiveness and ability to contribute to the development of society. Global collaboration within the Programme will be a significant contributor to defining UCN’s scope for action and development within this area. UCN seeks active involvement and leadership in international networks like EAIE, EURASHE, SPACE, COHEHRE and others.

UCN is dedicated to:

  • improving the overall quality of our programmes.
  • obtaining international accreditation and international recognition.
  • achieving a solid regional, national, and international position.
  • encouraging student and staff exchanges between higher education institutions.
  • integrating digital skills as well as innovative thinking into our programmes.
  • benchmarking our research, courses and education programmes.
  • implementing all necessary initiatives within the Erasmus+ Programme to work towards a European Education Area.

All staff and students have the protection of Equal Opportunities policies which guard against any discrimination on the grounds of gender, race, ethnicity, disability, age, race, and religion. UCN will meet all statutory obligations under relevant legislation and anticipate future requirements signalled by EU directives.

Most important UCN initiatives to ensure quality in mobility

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