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Application timeline

Fall semester / Spring semester
Application deadline: 
1 Mar. / 1 Oct.
Notification of admission: 
by 1 Apr. / by 1 Nov.

Admission and documentation requirements

From a partner institution

We primarily welcome students from partner institutions

The health programmes at UCN welcome students enrolled in our many partner institutions around the world. You will often be able to study with us through EU's mobility programme Erasmus+ or the Nordic mobility programme Nordplus. Talk to the international office at your home institution to find out, if UCN is a partner.

Not from a partner institution?

Contact us about your possibilities.

Academic level

Academic match

Your home institution and UCN will carefully evaluate, if UCN's exchange programme matches the academic scope and curriculum of the programme you are enrolled in at home. This evaluation also helps us ensure that each course or activity you complete is eligible for credit at your home institution.

Completed semesters

Find your programme below for our recommendations regarding completed semesters.

  • Midwifery
    We recommend that you have completed at least the first year of a midwifery programme, including a period at a delivery ward.
  • Occupational therapy
    We recommend that you have completed at least the first three semesters of an occupational therapy programme.
  • Physiotherapy
    We recommend that you have completed at least the first three semesters of a physiotherapy programme.
  • Radiography
    We recommend that you have completed at least the first three semesters of a radiography programme.
Language proficiency

You should expect to communicate in English, but no certificate or documentation is required.

In many situations, you may also be able to communicate in a Nordic language. Danish can naturally be used by those who understand and speak the language.

Required documentation
  1. Learning agreement

    Your home institution will provide you with the correct learning agreement if one is needed.
    What is a learning agreement?
    A learning agreement is a plan that details what courses or research/training/teaching activities you intend to achieve during your exchange at UCN. Your learning agreement must be approved and signed by both your home institution and yourself.
  2. Academic transcript of records

    Including study activities.
  3. Motivational letter

    A one-page letter explaining why you are interested in the specific activity and programme, etc.
  4. MRSA-test

    You will need a negative MRSA screening test. You do not need to upload the test as part of your application, but will need to present it at your clinical placement. You must take the test no more than two weeks before you arrive in Denmark.
    Why must I be tested for MRSA?
    During your clinical placement, you will get in touch with patients and health care professionals. MRSA can spread and cause illness in people with weakened immune systems.
    → Help us avoid the spreading of MRSA in hospitals (Information from the Danish Infection Control Team - Region North, Denmark).

Tuition and fees

Exchange students do not have to pay tuition because it is typically an exchange of one or more students between partner universities and/or funded by EU's mobility programme Erasmus+ or the Nordic mobility programme Nordplus.

The application process

Step 1: Register and submit your application in the portal
UCN's application portal MoveOn:
Apply Now

You will need a user to apply

If you have never used UCN's application portal MoveOn, you will need to register a new user. Once you have registered, you will have access to the application form. In the form you will be asked to fill in your personal data and upload your documents.

You can save your progress and return

You can save your progress and return to the unsubmitted application at any time.

You will receive a confirmation e-mail

Once you have submitted your application, you will receive a confirmation e-mail from us.

Guide: How to register

1. Create a new account in UCN's admission portal

When you enter the portal, you will need to register with your first name, surname and e-mail.

2. Activate your account (e-mail confirmation)

You will receive a confirmation e-mail with an account activation link. The confirmation e-mail is sent automatically from with the subject line "Online application - Confirmation registration & set password".

Please note that the account activation link will only be valid for 24 hours!

Not receiving a confirmation e-mail? 
Remember to check your e-mail spam folder. If you do not receive the confirmation e-mail within 30-60 minutes, please contact us at

3. Create new password

Clicking the account activation link, you will be asked to create your own password which should contain at least one digit, one letter, one special character and should consist of at least 8 characters.

4. Log in to UCN's admission portal

You can now log into the system with your registered e-mail and the password you have created.

​​Need technical support? 
Please contact us at
Step 2: Upload additional documents - if needed

Required a new document or forgot one?

It is possible to upload additional documentation for us after you have submitted your application.

Please wait before you upload

Please note that you will have to wait 24 hours after submitting your initial application before you can upload any new documents.

Guide: How to re-forward documentation

1. Log in to UCN's admission portal MoveOn

You will need to log-in to MoveOn with the e-mail and password you used for registering and uploading your initial application. 

2. Upload additional documents

Find the form with the subject line "Upload additional documents to your application - incoming students".
Click the status button: "start new application".

3. Choose the right stay

Please note: In the category "Please select your stay", you need to choose your current stay/application (in case you have other stays/applications registered) from the drop down list to attach the new documents correctly.

Need technical support? 
​Please contact us at
Step 3: Notification of admission

We will contact you by e-mail

As soon as we have processed your application, you will receive official notice. We will contact you via the e-mail you have provided in your application.

If you have questions

If you have any questions about the process or about our evaluation, do not hesitate to contact us.

Welcome webinar

After admission, you will be invited to join our welcome webinar. Get answers to all the questions you have before your stay at UCN - from housing to student activities.


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