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European Conference on Reflective Practice-based Learning

ECRPL is a network for educators, researchers, and practitioners to join in further explorations of current practices of RPL in higher education and professional practices.

Every two years, UCN hosts the European Conference on Reflective Practice-based Learning, where researchers, educators and professionals from across Europe and beyond are invited to participate.

Reflective practice-based learning is a recent contribution to the educational field, drawing on the theoretical legacy of (among others) Dewey, Kolb and Schon, thus emphasising experience, thinking and action as key concepts underpinning reflective practice-based learning. RPL presents itself as an understanding of teaching and learning with an immanent focus on promoting reflection as part of the learning experience. RPL is particularly suited for professional practice and education, thus suggesting an approach to the ever-relevant relationship between theory and practice.

ECRPL is not just a conference; it’s a platform for collaboration to explore, challenge and develop current practices of reflective practice-based learning (RPL) in professional practice and higher education. Therefore, ECRPL provides participants with the possibility to exchange ideas, forge new partnerships, and engage in the collective pursuit of knowledge that will advance the fields of reflective practice-based learning and education.