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Teacher Education

Study a semester at the Teacher Education programme

About the programme

Play an important role in the lives of children and young people!

In the Teacher Education programme, you will become an expert in teaching and learning. You will acquire specialist knowledge of Nordic education traditions, outdoor learning, intercultural competence, practicum in local or international schools, and a lively study environment. And what is more, you will learn how to best communicate your knowledge to children of different ages and pass on your academic passion - making a significant difference for the individual child and for the future.

As an exchange student you may join our Bachelor's degree programme in Teacher Education for a full semester. You may choose between a number of modules at UCN’s Teacher Education specially developed to accommodate international exchange students and local students.

Choose from a list of course packages

In this programme, you may choose from a list of course packages according to your own preferences and teaching studies in your home country. Each package has the duration of a semester. You will need to obtain between 15-30 ECTS.

In the exchange programme, you will typically join students enrolled in our International Teacher Profile programme where courses and subjects are taught in English.

Choose your personal course package

These are examples of packages of courses and subjects that you may choose from. Please note that the packages are subject to change and that you will need to contact the international coordinator of this programme to receive an updated description.

Compulsory extra-curricular course

In addition, an extra-curricular course is offered in outdoor education. All international students will partake in this compulsory course:

Do a teaching practice in a local partner school

As part of your course package there may be a teaching practice at a local partner school. Please contact us, whether this is a possibility during the time of your exchange.

The teaching practice is organized in a way that will help you achieve key comptences within three areas:

  • Didactics
  • Class management
  • Relations and cooperation

Evaluations and exams

You can find information about the specific exams in each semester in the programme's full curriculum.

As an exchange student you will need to take all exams that are planned during the semester on the same terms as students following the full-degree programme. You can find more information in our examination regulations.

In Denmark students are evaluated on the basis of a 7-point grading scale. Learn more about the Danish grading system and how it translates