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Sofiendalsvej Campus in Aalborg

This is where tech people, designers and programmers meet with international students in a modern and comfortable student environment.

Get a glimpse of the student atmosphere

At Sofiendalsvej, you will meet many different student types from many different programmes. You will meet young students as well as experienced skilled-trade workers who are continuing their education on the basis of their work experience. Here, you will always be offered more than one perspective of things, on the academic as well as the social level.

Workshops and labs for all programmes

All study programmes have their own workshop or lab facilities. How they are used depends on the particular programme. Sofiendalsvej Campus has a large, shared ‘TechLab’ which offers 3D-printing, laser-cutting and several other prototyping tools.

Access 24 hours a day

At Sofiendalsvej Campus, students have the opportunity to use our facilities after hours. Your student ID gives you round-the-clock access to Campus with its lounges and student work areas dotted throughout. This is where you and your fellow students can do group work or just hang out.

A cafeteria that will keep you satisfied

The Sofiendalsvej Campus cafeteria is shared by all study programmes. Here you will find healthy and satisfying food that will keep you going throughout the day. The cafeteria lies at the centre of the campus to allow you to enjoy your food in the company of students from many different programmes.

Meet the other students at the Friday Bar

Sofiendalsvej Campus has a tradition of an annual sport day, festive Christmas celebrations and colourful introduction- and graduation parties. In addition, the students run a successful Friday bar. This is the place to finish your week with great music, cold drinks and a good time with other students.

You will meet your lecturers around Campus

At UCN you will meet lecturers and heads of programme during your daily routines, and wherever you are on Campus, their offices will always be within a short walking distance. Teaching and learning activities usually take place as whole-class instruction in regular classrooms, and, in some cases, in the auditorium for shared presentations. If you need help, you can always knock on an office door to ask a question.

This campus houses the following exchange programmes

Architectural Technology and Construction Management

Architectural Technology and Construction Management

Computer Science

Computer Science