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We dig deep into books and come close to real life. The interplay between theory and practice is pivotal at UCN. When you combine it with your personal reflections, you will find that you are working with UCN's shared learning approach, which is called Reflective Practice-based Learning. Our learning approach expresses what you can expect as a student at UCN as well as what we expect of you.

Get close to real life

At UCN, you will be working very closely with practice: during your internship as well as in class where you will be presented with practice-related cases and various ways of simulating reality. Depending on your programme of study, this may take place as collaboration with companies and institutions or in labs where you can experiment and practice your subject-related skills. This means that you will have the opportunity to take on specific tasks that will prepare you for the reality of your future working life.

Teaching and learning that develops you

Combining theory with practice and your own reflections requires different ways of studying. For this reason, UCN uses various teaching and learning activities. We use traditional teaching where the lecturer plays a central part such as whole-class instruction or introducing exercises, but we also have teaching and learning activities where students play a major role, for instance when they make presentations and do assignments on their own.

At UCN we apply a wide range of teaching and learning activities. We use this wide range of teaching and learning activities to ensure that you build your skills and that you get the best learning out of the process. It is our goal that the subject-, specific-, personal- and social competencies that you achieve through your programme can be applied directly in the labour market.

Want to know more?

You will find a number of short videos on Reflective Practice-based Learning (RPL) at UCN's individual study programme pages.