Technologies closely connected to citizens´ health

The purpose of this research programme is to conduct research into the interaction of technology and citizens and/or the professionals in various contexts and with a special focus on how technology supports or restricts the citizen's quality of life and health.

Technological development offers much scope for development within the health and social care sector while it also poses various new challenges for citizens, patients, the infrastructure, decision-makers and health professionals. When it comes to technological development, it is essential to possess the necessary knowledge to assess whether and, where appropriate, how various health and welfare technologies bring value to citizens and patients, in which contexts and for which purposes. These conditions form the background of our research focus on the “Technologies closely connected to citizens´ health”.

Citizens´ health close to home

This research programme focuses on health care close to home, which emphasises that we work with technologies of relevance to the everyday lives and demands of citizens and professionals. Research in relation to the implementation of technologies and the inclusion of citizens and professionals’ perspectives are key elements in the research knowledge that we generate. The knowledge generated in the research programme, thus, contributes to the development of sustainable solutions for the benefit of:

  • Citizens and groups of citizens and their relatives,
  • Professionals in the health and social care sector, and
  • Society in general.

Projects within the Technologies closely connected to citizens´ health

A number of projects are associated with the health care close to home technologies research effort in the following three focus areas:

  1. Telemedicine as digitally supporting, remote health-care services;
  2. Self-measurement by monitoring health and everyday activities; and
  3. Implementation and application of assistive technologies in the citizen's everyday life and/or in the efforts of the health professionals.


Jette Bangshaab
Head of research programme

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Uffe Læssøe
Bachelor's Degree Programme of Physiotherapy
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Tina Helle
Bachelor's Degree Programme of Occupational Therapy
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