Children and Youth at Risk and Inequalities in Life Opportunities

This research programme conducts research into how exposure appears in and is experienced by families, children and young people in vulnerable positions.

Our goal is to improve and qualify professionals’ work with and their understanding of the mechanisms that lead to exposure. The complexity and need for coordination of professionals’ work point to interdisciplinary work in different organisational frameworks as a particularly interesting area of research.

The study of inequality of opportunity in education focuses on how welfare education programmes prevent and create inequality of opportunity for students through structures, arrangements, learning environments and patterns of communication. Our aim is to create knowledge of how students experience and assess their own opportunities as well as those of the community in order to master being students under such conditions.

User-driven innovation as a method in the research process

This research programme represents an integration of a shared focus on the user perspective and cocreating processes in the research process. Children, students, parents and professionals are thus involved in the creation of the research question and constitute the most important sources of new knowledge.

Projects in Children and Youth at Risk and Inequalities in Life Opportunities

The research programme “Children and Youth at Risk and Inequalities in Life Opportunities” is divided into the following two main tracks, with a number of sub-projects:

  1. Exposure from an everyday and professional perspective,
  2. Inequality of opportunity in education.


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