Semesters and themes

Architectural Technology and Construction Management Vietnam

The course of the programme

Each semester has a theme that provides the basis for the teaching and project work:

1st semester:
Theme: Plot and house
2nd semester:
Theme: Plot and house
3rd semester:
Theme: Prefabricated building components
4th semester:
Theme: Multi storey buildings
5th semester:
Theme: Renovation and restoration
6th semester:
7th semester:
Exam project

In the 3rd, 4th, 5th and 7th semester you have to choose an elective subject and write a report about this.

Core subjects and electives

The programme is divided into a range of core subjects which are mandatory and different electives that you choose yourself depending on your focus and interests.

The core subjects are integrated into the daily class teaching as well as into the semester projects, which are completed in groups each semester and tried at an exam at the end of the semester.

The core subjects include the following topics:

  • General (30 ECTS): Communication, Design Methodology, Leadership and Management, IT, English
  • Business (19 ECTS): Business Operations and Administration, Building Laws and Regulations
  • Production (28 ECTS): Construction and Site Engineering, Project Management
  • Design (38 ECTS): Construction and Design, Project Management
  • Registration (10 ECTS): Registration, Surveying

The elective subjects

As an elective subject you can choose between a range of subjects to match your interests and academic plans. You are expected to write a report on your chosen topic on each semester. The report will be graded by your teachers.

The Bachelor Project

The 7th semester consists of an elective assignment and the final Bachelor Project (dissertation) to be completed within one of three dissertation topics.

Project design

This elective qualifies you to work as an Architectural Technologist and Construction Manager specialised in project planning and consulting, either running your own company or working as an employee


This elective is aimed at jobs such as project manager/manager in a construction firm, either running your own business or working as an employee


Concrete is the world’s most frequently used building material and the technology is moving fast. The limits as to the complexity and finish you can achieve with concrete expand continuously.


At ATCM the interdisciplinary aspect is a core focus – therefore exams are also interdisciplinary.

Each semester is concluded with an oral project exam where you are expected to – alone or as part of a group – account for the project you have been working on for that semester.

In the semesters where you have had an elective you will also be writing a report about your chosen topic.

At the exams you will be assessed based on your ability to apply and combine knowledge about different topics to create an overall solution to your project.

There are no traditional oral or written exams in single topics during the programme.


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