Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition

Get an individual assessment of your competencies to achieve recognition for your knowledge and skills, and avoid spending your time learning something that you already know

Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition - PLAR for short - is an individual assessment of your competencies. Perhaps you never completed your upper secondary education? Perhaps you have gained knowledge, skills and competencies by working as an unskilled worker, by taking classes or summer courses, doing volunteer work, or perhaps you have gained experience in an entirely different way.

An assessment of your competencies could result in entirely new career opportunities. We would like to look at everything you have learned and achieved and determine whether it could be equated with the formal admission requirements for the study programme you wish to start on.

Deadline for PLAR application

Please note: If you wish to apply for Software Development using a PLAR, deadline for submitting your PLAR application is 1 November.

You will receive an answer to your PLAR application in the course of 2-4 weeks. 


The decision will only apply to the specific study programme and only at UCN. The assessment is valid for two years.


The decision is final. You cannot complain about the decision.

How to request for PLAR

When requesting for a PLAR you can inform us of your personal data and fill in information about your education, courses, work experience, etc. It is very important, and it is your responsibility, to attach relevant documentation of all your experience and any educations you may have completed.

We will evaluate whether your total knowledge, skills and competences can be equated with the formal admission requirements for the study programme that you want to apply for admission to. The result will be either a positive or a negative PLAR.

How to apply for a top-up programme using a PLAR

With a positive PLAR, you can apply for admission to the study programme. 

Student Advisor

Brian Hvarregaard
Student Advisor

+45 72 69 12 78