Is your passion to help others develop? Do you want to work with pedagogical activities?

Please note: This programme is only taught in Danish

As a graduate of Social Education you will be working with children, young people or adults. You will know what it takes to develop individuals, be they children in nurseries, young persons with social difficulties or adults with physical or mental impairments.

You will acquire competencies in pedagogics, learning, caregiving, development and innovation. In the course of the programme, you will learn to work pedagogically with users and to collaborate with co-workers, relatives and other professionals.

In Denmark, graduates of Social Education work in nurseries, after-school centres, 24-hour treatment and residential homes for children and young people, psychiatric clinics and institutions, or they work with disabled persons or elderly people. Furthermore, graduates of Social Education may work in schools to support specific learning activities in the classroom.


3½ years






Approx. 30% of the length of your study programme

Start of term

September and February