Study environment

A good study environment means everything

At the Service, Hospitality and Tourism Management programme we value a good study environment where you can get involved and socialise with your classmates.

To this end we arrange introductory events, parties, talks, company visits etc.

Study trip abroad

In the second semester we will arrange a study trip for you and your classmates. The purpose of the trip is to provide you with new and international input from the service, hospitality and tourism industry and to expand your professional knowledge. 

The duration and destination of the trip varies from one year to the next; previous classes have gone to e.g. the Netherlands, Miami and Dubai. 

In addition to social networking with your class mates the trip will feature visits to several businesses in the following categories: hotels and restaurants, tourism, sports and leisure.

A company visit will typically have the following agenda:

  • Brief introduction of the company
  • How the company acts in the market
  • How the company markets/sells its services
Reading and study group

Early on in the course of your studies you will be assigned to a reading and study group of 4–5 people. Your timetable includes time for studying with your study group. We strongly advise that you give high priority to your study group and that you make positive and constructive contributions.

Semester talks — unlock your full potential!

Each semester you will be invited to a semester talk. The talk is usually held with your class coordinator but other lecturers from the team of lecturers may also be in charge.

The primary subject of the semester talk is the theme: How do I realize my full potential during my studies Through dialogue and coaching, the lecturer will help you optimize your study efforts.

Evaluation of lectures

You play an important part of our ambition to constantly improve the Service Hospitality and Tourism Management programme. After completing a course module you will receive an evaluation form in your study e-mail inbox. It is important that you take your time to answer the questions in the form to let us know what we are doing well and where we have room for improvement! 

On a meeting your class coordinator will talk about the results of the "general study conditions" while evaluation of actual lectures will be handled by the relevant lecturer. Your answers will have no influence on your future grades and will be strictly confidential!

An international environment

Service, Hospitality and Tourism Management programme can be studied in Danish as well as English lending an international feel to everyday life at campus. During the course of your studies there will be various joint events for students of all nationalities just as the field trip is also for all students. This allows our students to increase their knowledge of other cultures and continuously improve their English skills.

Student board

The Service, Hospitality and Tourism Management programme has a student board for which each class selects a representative and a substitute representative. The duty of student board representatives is to maintain a supportive academic and social environment for their fellow students. You might also say that they act as the mouthpiece for the class to the class coordinator and the programme director. We believe that successful studies are related to clear expectations from both sides as well as close dialogue.

Student board representatives are invited to join education committee meetings where the Service Hospitality and Tourism Management programme is continually developed and optimised. On graduation, students who sat on the Student Board will receive a document describing their duties in addition to their degree certificate.

Class coordinator

We appreciate close dialogue with all our students. To this end there are information and feedback meetings with your class where your class coordinator will give information and where experiences are exchanged. This goes for positive as well as less positive experiences — those of students and our own. You are always welcome to give input to the contents of classes.

Hobrovej Campus

The Service, Hospitality and Tourism Management programme is located at our Hobrovej Campus alongside the other UCN business study programmes. Read about the facilities at the Hobrovej Campus to be informed about everything such as parking facilities, the study administration office, the book shop, the library, the café and more. You can also read about the academic and social study life across UCN.

Student Advisor

Lars Olsen
Student Advisor

+45 72 69 13 95