Exchange students

We receive exchange students in the spring and autumn for clinical education and specific studies

Exchange students must have completed at least the first three semesters of their physiotherapy education before they can apply. Exchange students should expect to communicate in English; Danish can be used by those who understand and speak the language.

Our international strategy highlights student mobility regarding curriculum and research and we receive exchange students from the Erasmus and Nordplus programmes as well as partner universities for short periods of studies and clinical training.

 You can apply for one or more options below that do not overlap:

Elective Courses

1. Movement, Function and Pain (6 weeks) - 10 ECTS

2. Global Goals (2 weeks) - 3 ECTS

Combined exchange programs

1. Movement, Function and Pain combined with Clinical Practice (12 weeks) - 15 ECTS

2. Global Goals combined with Field Studies - 5 ECTS

Clinical practice
  • 7 weeks from Monday week  35 to Friday week 41 -  10 ECTS
  • 8 weeks from Monday week 38 to Friday week 45 - 12 ECTS
  • 10 weeks from Monday week 46 to Friday week 4 in January -  15 ECTS
  • 6 weeks clinical practice within combined with elective course (12 weeks in total) – 20 ECTS

*Please be aware that we cannot guarantee placement beforehand and we do our best to accept all students. Students that have finished the Physiotherapy education must pay an enrolment fee.


The Department of Physiotherapy works in several networks on the international front, namely:

  • COHEHRE - learning organisation preoccupied with education and training of health and social care professionals across the European Union
  • ENPHE - The European Network of Physiotherapy in Higher Education
  • WCPT - World Confederation for Physio Therapy


Priscila de Brito Silva
International Coordinator
+45 72 69 10 20
Lise Eckardt Hansen
Lecture / Study Coordinator
Department of Physiotherapy
+45 72 69 09 57