Teaching Methods

Our students are working both individually and in groups with theoretical and practical subjects and they practice treatment, tests and exercises with each other

Many activities take place in our movement laboratory with facilities for experiments and physiotherapy learning. On a regular basis, real patients and citizens are included in the teaching, but it is during the clinical training that our students work with physiotherapy in a real life setting.

The programme gives the student competences to participate in research and development work and to pursue a career in qualifying theoretical and clinical post-graduate training and education.

Physiotherapy students at UCN meets different study methods during their education:

  • lectures
  • presentations
  • group work
  • project work
  • supervision
  • learning portfolio
  • blended learning
  • learning-lab activities

Traineeship and studies

The department of Physiotherapy highly values the collaboration with our clinical education partners. The department has formal agreements with hospitals, municipalities and private outpatients clinics within rehabilitation, the somatic and psychiatric areas and in the area of health promotion/disease prevention. International and local students are paired in groups and counselled by a specially trained clinical supervisor.

Some international courses taught in English are offered and more will be developed.