About the programme

Find information about teaching and study activities on the Multimedia Design programme

Teaching and learning

Lessons usually take place between 8:30 and 15:30.

Some days you will only learn about one subject the whole day and on other days you may study more than one subject, e.g. Communication and presentation in the morning and Design and Visualisation in the afternoon.

Lessons change between lectures, group work and presentations in front of the class.

Part of the lessons are spent on guidance to give you and your study group discipline-specific help to do your assignments. This allows you to have close contact with your lecturers.

All teaching is organised in themes with project assignments for each theme.

To increase multidisciplinary learning, all four subjects of the study programme are usually taught during each theme.

The assignments are usually done on behalf of a business or institution to give you a firm grasp of real life assignments while you are a student.

During the course of the study programme you will also receive individual study-related guidance.

Study activity

You should expect a full work week.

Apart from lectures, guidance and group work, you must also read the books on the book list and practice your skills. You will also be given the opportunity to complete voluntary assignments by applying your knowledge and skills to gain important experience and competencies.

AP, Bachelor’s and Top-up degrees

Learn about what makes an AP degree, a Bachelor’s degree or a Top-up degree a flexible and relevant education for you.

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Student Advisor

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