Period for scheduled activities

You should expect scheduled activities, such as lesson, workshops etc. in the time between 8.30 am and 5.10 pm.

AP, Bachelor’s and Top-up degrees

Learn about what makes an AP degree, a Bachelor’s degree or a Top-up degree a flexible and relevant education for you.

If you need help choosing a degree or a specific programme at UCN, you are welcome to contact the local student advisor.

About the programme

The first 3 semesters take place in Denmark. In the programme’s 4th semester you will do an internship at a company of your choice in Denmark or abroad

Programme structure

The first 3 semesters take place at UCN in Denmark, and consist of compulsory and elective subjects. In the programme’s 4th semester you will do an internship at a company of your choice in Denmark or abroad.

Lastly, a final project is to be written in order to complete the programme. This is to be made in close collaboration with a specific company, and could be the same company where you did your internship during the specialisation period.


On the Marketing Management programme at UCN instruction usually takes place between 8:30 a.m. and 15:30 p.m. Instruction is divided into lessons that last half a day or a whole day. For instance a lesson could be about competitor analysis in the subject “International Marketing” or it could be a group assignment, field analysis etc.

Between the lessons there are so-called study days where you can study/read or solve assignments in study groups. UCN students can receive help from lecturers for solving assignments.

From 1st to 3rd semester you will work with different themes, these themes are interdisciplinary.

Modules covered from 1st to 3rd semester:

  • Business understanding
  • Methodology
  • Market understanding
  • Tactical and operational marketing B2C
  • Tactical and operational marketing B2B
  • Internationalisation
A typical week on the first semester


08.30 - 11.45: International marketing
12.15 - 15.30: Group work/other study activities


08.30 - 11.45: Business law
12.15 - 15.00: Business economics


08.30 - 11.45: Data analysis
12.15 - 15.30: Group work/other study activities


08.30 - 11.45: Global economics
12.15 - 15.30: Market communication
15.40 - 17.10: Data analysis


08.30 - 11.45: Organisation and supply chain management
12.15 - 15.30: Group work/other study activities

Interdisciplinary activities connect subjects

At UCN students and lecturers are closely connected. That is why we usually teach small classes or groups and everyone receives individual guidance.

We use different methods for instruction such as whole-class teaching, cases, project work, field work and individual assignments. There will be interdisciplinary activities on a regular basis to strengthen coherence within and between subjects.

Interdisciplinary events can be study trips, business simulation games, theme days and IT courses. They could also include a visit from a Californian professor, giving a lecture on cultural differences, an export officer from Slovakia telling us about the Eastern European market or a financial advisor sharing his knowledge on Denmark’s future financial development.

Study trip – there is room for social life too

Every year we go on a study trip to a foreign market to visit different companies and universities. The purpose is to get a first-hand impression of the market possibilities and to build a social relationship outside the class room.


Charlene Sørensen
Student Advisor

+45 72 69 14 39
Magdalena Atanasova Mincheva
International Consultant

+45 72 69 13 52

Non-EU / non-EEA citizens

Carina Mortensen
International Consultant

+45 72 69 13 51

EU / EEA citizens