The steering group

As a student in the Africa specialisation you have an opportunity to network with the business community

Business group behind focus on Africa

UCN has entered into a partnership agreement about Africa with Erhverv Norddanmark, an Aalborg-based business network, meaning that there are close ties between education and business.

This allows businesses in North Jutland and UCN to learn from each other and contribute competencies on different levels. Furthermore, the project is supported by DI Region Nord.

For your as a student in the Africa specialisation, this means that you will be taught by people from some of these businesses in the second semester.

This is also your opportunity to network with the business community and it may also be your way to getting an work placement agreement and perhaps even a job in the long term.

At the same time, you will be ensured a high-quality academic specialisation which can be applied straight away and which is recognised by the business community.

The steering group behind the Africa specialisation

  • IFU: Department Director Morten Christiansen
  • Artic Group and Erhverv Norddanmark Managing Group: Director Vice Chairman Peter Freiesleben
  • Fan Milk Managing: Director Jens Jørgen Kollerup
  • Royal Danish Seafood and DI Region Nord: Managing Director Chairman Mogens Mathiasen
  • Denmark Agro Business Development A/S: Director-partner Henrik Anker-Ladefoged
  • AAU: Lecturer Kim Réne Bohn
  • AAU: PhD student / lecturer Abdul-Hanan Zakaria Lassen
  • UCN: Co-ordinator/lecturer Birgitte Hvingel Jørgensen
  • UCN: Programme Director Leif Schriver Karlsen

Contact person

Birgitte Hvingel Jørgensen
Contact person, Africa course
+45 72 69 14 15