Events and benefits

As a new student you will be able to get discounts and attending various start of term events at UCN

Please be aware that all information about special offers, activities and events relating to study start are subject to change because of the COVID-19 situation.


As part of the UCN Start of term, all new students will receive a SmartStart-box. The box contains the UCN Book of benefits with a number of special deals and free access tickets that you can use to attend different events during the first couple of months here. You can go alone or go with your classmates.

You will have to wait until your first day of study to find out what the exact contents of the box are.

With the SmartStart-box, you will be ready to get started on your new study programme, in your new class and maybe even in your new city. That’s because UCN considers the importance of great student deals and offers, also when you are not spending time on your study.

We hope you will appreciate the contents of the box, and will make good use of the offers and deals we have provided for you.

UCN Ambassadors 

UCN Ambassadors create a lively international student environment by developing relevant professional and social events and facilitating student-to-student knowledge sharing across programmes and nationalities. 

Right from the start, the ambassadors will arrange a series of activities ensuring that you will get to know your fellow students and quickly make new friends from both Denmark and around the world!

The list of activities is ever-expanding as students make new requests; but to name a few, you will be presented with various teambuilding and sports activities, picnics, movie nights, excursions around the city, and theme-based parties around Valentine’s and Halloween.

Would you like to get involved?

Find more information. Contact and follow us on Facebook.


This year’s event that you must not miss!

We have arranged a special event on start of term this year in the hope of compensating for the cancellation of SummerCup and the postponement of the Start of term party indefinitely, due to COVID-19.

We invite all new students to a cozy afternoon at Chang’s football fields on the start of term, September 1, where you have the opportunity to socialize with your class, buy a sandwich, soda, cider or beer, listen to music and participate in competitions until 16:00.

The event takes place in classes, where each class is assigned to their own tent. Of cause, we comply with all COVID-19 guidelines and make sure that you can keep distance and sanitize hands, so that we take care of each other.

We look forward to seeing you!        

04.09.2020 - UCN Start of term event

Start of term party has been postponed indefinitely, due to COVID-19.

11.09.2020 - UCN SummerCup

SummerCup has been canceled due to COVID-19.