Study environment

The study programme is characterised by a number of academic and social events

An academic and social setting

At UCN we believe that a well-balanced blend of academic and social aspects form the optimal environment for and educational institution. This is why we strive to build an innovative and knowledge-generating environment characterised by high academic and social standards.

To live up to this ambition, the International Hospitality Management programme features a number of academic and social events such as short induction programmes for new students, company visits, guest lecturers, study trips, a sports cup and various festive and party events.

Regular activities

In addition to these events, the activities below are a regular part of the study environment at UCN's International Hospitality Management programme:

Study trip in the second semester

In the second semester, we will arrange two field trips for you and your classmates. The purpose of the trips is to give you new (and international) input from the hospitality sector as well as expand your academic knowledge.

The first trip is mandatory. This will take place in Denmark and have a duration of 2-3 overnight stays. Own price. 1000 DKK. 

The second trip is optional. This trip is to Campi Flegrei in Italy and will last for 10 days. Own price: 8500 DKK.

Besides time for socialising with class mates, the trip features visits to companies in the following lines of business: tourism, hotel, restaurant and experience economy.

Reading and study groups

In the beginning of your studies, you will be placed in a study group comprised of 4–5 persons.

The timetable allows for in-depth study with your study group.

We strongly advise that you give high priority to your study group, and that you seek to contribute positively and constructively to your group.

Class coordinators

We appreciate close dialogue with all our students.

To this end there are information and feedback meetings with your class where your class coordinator will give information and where we can exchange experiences.

This involves good as well as bad experiences — yours as well as ours.

You are always welcome suggest input for contents of the classes.

Student board

The study programme has a student board and each class selects a representative and a substitute representative to sit on the board.

The duty of student board representatives is to maintain a supportive academic and social environment for their fellow students.

You might also say that they act as the mouthpiece for the class to the class coordinator and the programme director.

Student board representatives are invited to join education committee meetings where the study programme is continually developed and optimised.

On graduation, students who sat on the Student Board will receive a document describing their duties in addition to their degree certificate.

Evaluation of teaching and learning activities

You play an important part in our ambition to constantly improve the study programme.

After completing a course module, you will receive an evaluation form in your student e-mail inbox.

It is important that you take your time to answer the questions in the form to let us know what we are doing well and where we have room for improvement!

On a meeting your class coordinator will talk about the results of the "general study conditions" while evaluation of actual lectures will be handled by the relevant lecturer.

Semester talks

Each semester you will be invited to a semester talk.

The talk is usually held with your class coordinator but other lecturers from the team of lecturers may also be in charge. The primary subject of the semester talk is: How do I realize my full potential during my studies?

Through dialogue and coaching, the lecturer will help you optimize your study efforts.

An international environment

Another key aspect of this study programme is that the International Hospitality Management programme is one of the few study programmes at UCN that is made up of Danish as well as international students.

This means that you will be a part of an international and multi-cultural environment.

Through academic and social events you will have the opportunity to gain an insight into other cultures and acquire knowledge that can be useful to your international business career.

Knowledge, innovation and development

The study environment of the International Hospitality Management programme is essential to the generation of knowledge, innovation and development.

At UCN we strive to create the best possible setting for students to acquire new, innovative knowledge to allow them to develop their academic and social ability and competence.

We aim to make UCN's study environment the best possible setting for building an academic and social framework for great student life – something we consider a sustainable foundation for the future.

Read about the facilities at your campus

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Student Advisor

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International Consultant

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Non-EU / non-EEA citizens

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International Consultant

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