About the programme

Energy Technology is a 2-year AP degree programme divided into 4 semesters each with a disciplinary area in focus

The disciplinary areas:

  • 1st semester: The energy of the building complex
  • 2nd semester: Energy supply and conversion
  • 3rd semester: Energy efficient process and production facilities
  • 4th semester: Internship and final examination project

The three main elements

The programme is divided into three main elements:

  • A compulsory element which roughly makes up half of the programme duration
  • An elective element comprising different elective subjects which makes up about one quarter of the duration of the programme 
  • An internship and final examination project make up the last quarter of the duration of the programme

The compulsory element

The compulsory element covers such subjects as:

  • Building technology
  • Indoor climate systems
  • Automation
  • Control and regulation
  • Conventional and new energy forms

You will also learn about:

  • Energy analysis
  • Energy consumption calculation
  • Energy efficient process and production facilities

These subjects will help assure your knowledge of energy efficient projecting and planning and enable you to assess which solutions are more energy economic and environmentally friendly.

Elective elements

The elective elements make up one fourth of the programme, cover a wide range of subjects and give you the possibility of delving into a subject and specialisation of particular interest to you. Here are some examples of elective subjects:

  • Process and production facilities
  • Building installations
  • Alternative and new energy forms

Business understanding

You will learn about subjects connected with business understanding such as being employed in a company or operating your own business. The primary focus and subject areas are:

  • Innovation 
  • Project management
  • Business understanding

Different kinds of instruction

During the first three semesters teaching will be a combination of individual task solution, whole class teaching and project work, whereas you will co-operate with a company or business on the final, fourth semester.

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