Admission requirements and procedure for the Digital Concept Development programme at UCN

Facts about the programme

Start of term: September.
Study places: 18 places in 2019.

English language requirements

At UCN you are expected to participate actively in class discussions along with group works and projects. You must also be able to write academic papers and take written and oral exams. Therefore, you must have a high level of English proficiency. 

This means that you are expected to have English language qualifications comparable to the English B level from the Danish upper secondary school (gymnasium).

Based on a professional assessment UCN can decide that we need further documentation regarding your English skills, either by you obtaining extra documentation or by you participating in an interview conducted in English.

Deadline for application

Deadline for the Digital Concept Development programme is 5 July at 12 (noon).

​The following AP Degrees will qualify you for admission

  • Design, Technology and Business (Graphics)
  • Multimedia Design
  • Computer Science
  • E-design
  • Marketing Management
  • Global Entrepreneurship and Virtual Design and Logistics

Selection criteria

If there are more candidates than available study places, we will focus on the following criteria:

  • Average grade from the qualifying education until and including the internship exam
  • A motivational letter
  • Study relevant work experience

About the motivational letter

You must write a motivational letter of minimum 1 and maximum 2 standard pages of 2400 keystrokes. You present your motivation to take the top-up program in digital concept development with arguments and relevant examples.

Your motivational letter must be based on the following topics:

  • Your goal in terms of studying a bachelor's degree.
  • How you immerse yourself academically and how you organise your time.
  • Your biggest professional achievement from your current education.
  • What can become your strength during the top-up?
  • Your consideration over having to work in project teams.
  • How would you like to contribute with your current professionalism? What considerations are you making to bring your qualifying education into play?

Within the allowed number of keystrokes, you are welcome to additional topics.

Which English tests does UCN accept?

All applicants holding a foreign entrance examination and will apply for English taught programmes must document their English language qualifications with one of the below mentioned English tests. 


  • Overall score of minimum 6.5


  • A minimum score of 83
  • UCN’s TOEFL code is 7294

Cambridge ESOL examinations

  • C1 Advanced (formerly known as Cambridge English Advanced - CAE): grade C, B or A
  • C2 Proficiency (formerly known as Cambridge English Proficiency – CPE): grade, C, B or A
  • B2 First (formerly known as Cambridge English First – FCE): grade A

Pearson PTE Academic

  • A minimum score of 58

Oxford Online Placement Test

  • Overall score of minimum 75 and also a minimum score of 75 in each subtest
  • You are only allowed to use 60 minutes when taking the test
  • Please note that this test is only valid if taken via a UCN partner organisation

Other CEFR-comparable English tests with a borderline score of B2/C1

  • It is the applicant’s responsibility to document this level from a CEFR-validated English language course

Deadline For September intake

You must upload your test result by 15 March at 12 (noon) GMT+1 at the latest.

Deadline For February intake

You must upload your test result by 15 December at 12 (noon) GMT+1 at the latest. (Please note that if you are a non-EU citizen, then the application deadline is 1 November at 12 (noon) GMT+1.)
Do all applicants have to submit an English test?

Applicants who are exempted from submitting an English test

  • Applicants holding a Nordic/Duborg/International Baccalaureate (from the IB diploma programme/European Baccalaureate)  
  • ”Native speakers” with an English taught qualifying exam (including applicants with a qualifying examination from
    • USA
    • Canada
    • Australia
    • New Zealand
    • Great Britain
    • Scotland
    • Ireland

Please note that applicants with a qualifying examination from all other countries (including African and Asian countries, where the exam has been taught in English) must submit a test.

Student Advisor

Birgitte Kjølner Hansen
Student Advisor

+45 72 69 15 44