Study environment

Your day to day life will be inspired by our teaching approach

A joint location

The Design, Technology and Business (Graphics) programme shares the location of Sofiendalsvej 60 with other AP Degree and Professional Bachelor programmes, all belonging to UCN.

This means that we have many young students and a pulse that creates a good atmosphere and energy.

Your day to day life

As a student on Design, Technology and Business (Graphics) your day to day life will be inspired by our teaching approach which means that sometimes the rooms and hallways will be peaceful and quiet and at other times e.g. before exams there will be a hectic and busy atmosphere.

This all ads to a vibrant atmosphere that in some ways resembles the pulsating life in the graphic industry.

We have a Friday Bar that opens on Fridays after 12 o'clock The otherwise pulsating beat turns into Friday afternoon to a relaxed atmosphere and often marks the beginning of an enjoyable weekend.

Social life

The social life is strengthened through various activities such as UCN Cups, parties, Christmas and graduation parties and lectures.

We also frequently arrange disciplinary events where students can meet representatives of the business community of Northern Jutland. 

Read about the facilities at your campus

Read about the facilities available on campus and get acquainted with the Study Administration Office, the café, the bookshop and the library etc. You can also read about the academic and social study life across UCN.

A quick tour of the Sofiendalsvej Campus


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International Consultant

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Non-EU / non-EEA citizens

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International Consultant

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