About the programme

The Academy Profession Degree in Design, Technology and Business is a 2-year, full-time study programme

It combines practical work in graphic design programs such as InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop with a creative and aesthetical understanding of design processes from ideas to finished products.

Students on the Design, Technology and Business programme will also gain useful relevant knowledge about businesses, commerce and communication. 

Main elements

The three main elements of the programmes can be illustrated as follows:

Main elements

The practical part

You will gain skills in graphic design programs:

  • Illustrator
  • Photoshop
  • InDesign

The creative / aesthetical part

You will gain knowledge of the design process:

  • From idea to finished product

The organisational part

You will gain relevant business knowledge about:

  • Businesses
  • Commerce
  • Communication

On the Design, Technology and Business (Graphics) programme you will follow 5 modules concerning graphic design, technology, marketing and graphic production.

The programme covers one fixed discipline and two electives.

As a student, you will go on an three month internship where you will be able to turn your knowledge into experience in a company or business.

The programme concludes with a final examination project.

Module 1

Compulsory module

The compulsory module is a joint module for all students and is of 6 months’ duration.

It covers the following subject areas:

  • Design: The design process, philosophy of values and aesthetics. 
  • Business: The company, trade and communication. 
  • Technology: Technology, man and the environment.

Module 2

One fixed discipline:

  • Design 

The discipline is of ¾ year’s duration.

Module 3

The students will choose one elective e.g.:

  • Editorial Design 
  • Digital Publishing 

Each elective is of ¼ year’s duration.

Module 4

Work placement

Students will go on an internship and try their strengths on the real world. The internship is of 3 months’ duration.

Module 5

Final examination project

The final examination project is of 1/4 year's duration.

Description of fixed discipline

On the Design, Technology and Business (Graphics) programme we offer Design as a fixed discipline.

The Design discipline covers subjects such as:

  • generating ideas
  • rhetoric
  • art history
  • sketching and drawing
  • portfolio
  • value analysis
  • technology
  • negotiation techniques
  • philosophy of values
  • intercultural communication
  • copywriting and tools

In the Design discipline, you will work theoretically and practically on the first phase of the design process.

We focus on creativity and generating ideas while making the theoretical and practical aspects come together.

You will work with design holistically and learn and adopt a thorough, structured approach to performing tasks.


You can choose your elective between an array of different electives that are established and offered by the school.

What the electives will have in common, is that they live up to the overall goals of the education and are in line with trends and demands in the business community.

This means that the electives may vary with each academic year.

As a student, you will get the opportunity to work in depth and achieve knowledge about specific matters within your selected area of study.

Your final exam project will qualify you to combine theories, working methods and practise-related problems.

Previous offered course elements

Digital Publishing

Why choose digital publishing?

Because knowledge about good design for all devices is of increasing importance! In this subject we are very into “Interactive design”… as a student of this subject, it is important that you are constantly updated when it comes to inspiration and new ideas for digital publishing.

In practical terms, “Digital Publishing is about achieving the competencies to translate new trends into something that creates value for the product and the end user.

We always work on specific tasks for and from the business community".

Editorial Design

You will achieve knowledge about design of a editorial publication with more than one issue, that can meet the challenges of the continuously changing content.

The design will on only be on a few spread, but whole editorial publication, like a magazine or similar.

To design an editorial publication, which can cope the continuously changing content and still preserve the visual identity, while supporting the content over many different stories.

You will gain thorough knowledge and competencies in design and working processes for print production.

This subject lets you immerse yourself to be able to enter into working relationships with professionals inside the editorial branch and or become part of the production yourself.

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