Danish Work Culture

Internationals often list the qualities of Danish work culture among the most positive aspects of living in Denmark.

Get to know the corner stones of Danish Work Culture and why it is held in such high regard.



As a country, Denmark ranks in the absolute top in flexibility and work-life balance.

Employees in Denmark benefit from a great degree of flexibility and have the freedom of distributing their workload according to their individual needs, as long as deadlines are met and tasks are solved.

The work-life balance principle is something Danish companies take pride in, as it reduces stress among employees, motivates them to perform at their best and fosters innovation.

Proactivity and productiveness are expected from employees, no matter their title or function.



Danes are usually informal, open and laid-back at work.

Danes are usually informal, open and laid-back at work, and are highly appreciative of humor and irony, which are typical elements of a Danish workplace setting.

Communication is clear and straightforward among colleagues and managers alike, which is why the informal tone creates a casual atmosphere where everybody is addressed by their first names and titles are rarely used.



The work hierarchy is flat as Danes value equality and openness. 

A very predominant characteristic of Danish workplace culture is the flat hierarchical structure.

Danes take pride in the egalitarian mindset that is in fact representative for the entire Danish society, which is why titles are rarely used at work, and everybody is considered equal and treated with the same respect, no matter their position in the organization.

In fact, equality is such a big part of Danish workplace culture, that everybody, no matter whether student assistant or manager, is encouraged to voice their ideas and get involved in the decision process and professional dialogues.

The open plan structure with glass walls and doors, as well as the open-door culture that most Danish companies practice also foster the idea of equality, openness and a flat of hierarchy.



Danes value socializing with colleagues.

In Denmark, being social with colleagues at different occasions and events is considered a sign of integration, appreciation and thriving, which is why social gatherings are highly prioritized by Danish professionals.

The majority of Danes are fluent in English and an increasing number of large companies in Denmark turn to English as corporate language. Despite this, social encounters, small-talk and lunch conversations are still carried out in Danish, and many companies will actually require Danish skills when hiring.

Internationals are therefore strongly encouraged to study Danish, as it helps and speeds up the process of integrating in the Danish society and in any Danish workplace setting significantly.

4 quick tips on Danish Work Culture

✅ Be on time – never late, nor too early.

✅ Join your colleagues for lunch. Most socialising and networking takes place here.

✅ Learn Danish! It shows commitment and the will to integrate in the Danish society and workplace.

✅ Say your opinion and bring your perspective into a conversation. Your colleagues and managers will appreciate it.



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