Application for exchange students

Application procedure for incoming exchange students

Erasmus+/exchange students

In order to study at UCN as an ERASMUS+ or regular exchange student (non-EU), you need to fill out a learning agreement. Afterwards, you have to apply via the MoveOn portal where you will upload the completed learning agreement.

Courses taught in English

You can find a list of the courses offered in English at the BA of Education program in the Course Catalogue (PDF).

You may only complete an application form if your home university has an agreement with UCN. If you are unsure, please consult the International Office of your home institution.

Application procedure

Firstly, you need to fill out a learning agreement. After completing the learning agreement, you can complete the application form via The MoveOn portal.

In order to login to your MoveON portal you firstly need to register. Once you have registered, you can login to your MoveON portal and begin the application process. Fill out an application for incoming students and attached your filled out learning agreement in your application.

If you experience any problems with the MoveOn portal or the online application, please contact us at

Frequently asked questions about application

We recommend that you arrive in Aalborg a couple of days before the beginning of your exchange studies. This will enable you to get to know your surroundings and UCN's facilities before the semester starts.

What are the semester deadlines?

Spring semester

February 1 - June 30 (Business and Technology)
January 1 - June 30 (Education Studies)

Nomination deadline: October 1
Application deadline: November 1

Fall semester

September 1 - January 30 (Business and Technology)
August 15 - December 30 (Education Studies)

Nomination Deadline: April 1
Application Deadline: May 1

Please note that students who are accepted for semesters 2-6 may start a few days before the dates stated above.

Specific dates for the semester will be announced in the official letter of acceptance. Teaching and examination periods are included in the above dates.
Which documents are mandatory?
  • Application form
  • Learning agreement
  • CV
  • Copy of passport
  • Transcript in English
  • In progress courses
  • English test (minimum level B2)

If you do not have an English test, we will offer you an online test. 

What semesters can I apply for?

All programmes start in September, except for Software Development which starts in February.

Fall semester

If you are applying for the fall semester, you will have to apply for the semesters 1, 3, 5.

If you apply for the Software Development programme, you can only apply for semester 2.

Spring semester

If you are applying for the spring semester, you will have to apply for semesters 2, 4, 6, etc.

If you apply for the Software Development programme, you can only apply for semester 1.

Which signatures do I need?

You need to obtain signatures from your home university on the last page of your application form. Remember that you also have to sign it yourself.

What do I need for the learning agreement?

Erasmus Code



Social Science, Education, Technology or Business

Contact person for incoming students

Janni Østergaard Nielsen
Business programmes

Dorit Kjærulff Torp
Technology programmes

Anne Lassen Zakaria
Bachelor of Education

Merete Hansen
Social Education

Curriculum, courses and ECTS credits

You can find information under each programme.

Can I choose courses from different semesters and programmes?

It is not possible to mix and match subjects from different semesters and programmes. Students have to follow the full semester.

Does my learning agreement need to be signed?

Yes. Your learning agreement must be approved and signed by your home university before you upload it in MoveOn. We will return the signed learning agreement along with your admission letter.

Why is it important to include in my CV?

Make sure to include all relevant work and educational experience on your CV. We take your experience into consideration as we assess your application.

Does UCN require an English test?

UCN requires a thorough knowledge of English, and therefore it is required that an English test is submitted with the application before the student can be accepted to one of our programmes.

The English tests and scores we accept are:

  • IELTS minimum score: 6.0 (compulsory for non-EU applicants)
  • TOEFL internet based test minimum score: 85
  • Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE): level C
  • Cambridge English: Proficiency (CPE): level C

If you do not have an English test

If you do not upload an English test along with the rest of your application documents, you will automatically be invited to complete an online English test which UCN issues. The test takes up to one hour to complete and must be passed with a minimum level of B2. You will be informed about the details of the test upon application.

English is my native language

English native speakers are exempted. In this case you need to obtain an official letter from your home institution confirming that you are following a fully English taught programme. This document should be uploaded along with the rest of your application.


Merete Hansen
International Coordinator
Social Studies
+45 72 69 06 98
Janni Østergaard Nielsen
International Coordinator
Business programmes
+45 72 69 13 56
Dorit Kjærulff Torp
International Coordinator
Technology programmes
+45 72 69 13 57
Anne Lassen Zakaria
International Coordinator
Bachelor of Education
+45 72 69 14 13