Further education

Continue your studies after graduating the Automation Engineering programme

About Product Development and Integrative Technology

As an AP Graduate of Automation Engineering, you can continue your studies on the Bachelor’s Degree Programme in Product Development and Integrative Technology (PTI) at UCN. The Product Development and Integrative Technology Programme takes 1.5 years to complete (3 semesters).

It is a top-up programme, aiming to give you competencies in the development of products and/or services.

The programme is innovative in the sense that it is the first and only study programme that not only focuses on the technical aspects of product development, but also on your achievement of competencies to actively integrate specialisations from other occupations in your work.

International opportunities

With a completed AP Degree, you are able to enter the labour market directly after graduating, but you also have the opportunity to go abroad and top up with a Bachelor’s degree. Depending on your choice of bachelor’s degree as well as the specific country in which you want to study, this will take between 1 and 2 years.

The foreign university typically requires information about the programme elements you have completed as well as the comprehensiveness of these elements. Furthermore, they will require information about your grades and a reference to the curriculum for your specific study programme.

UCN has decided not to establish specific cooperation agreements with foreign universities regarding top-up study programmes since we have experienced that our students request individualised solutions. Therefore, you must explore your opportunities yourself.

If you feel confused by all this information, it might be beneficial to address an organisation which help organise stays abroad; mainly in Australia, USA, Hong Kong, England, Canada, Hawaii etc.

These organisations will typically be one of the following:

If you have any other requests, the international office will be able to help you establish contact and provide you with guidance and direction - free of charge – when you have found the foreign university you are interested in applying for. Please contact us by the e-mail: international@ucn.dk

English level

If you want to apply for further education after UCN, please check out the English level/tests which the university you want to apply to do require from the applicants. It can differ from the tests and minimum score which UCN require.


Poul Dahlgaard Nannerup
Student Advisor

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Magdalena Atanasova Mincheva
International Consultant

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Non-EU / non-EEA citizens

Carina Mortensen
International Consultant

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EU / EEA citizens