Pre-studies course

An opportunity for students from a non-vocational background

If you receive a letter of acceptance for the AP Degree Programme in Automation Engineering, we would like to offer you a four-week pre-studies course.

The pre-studies course is a new option for applicants to the Automation Engineering Programme, who have a background in upper secondary education but who don't have the sufficient vocational knowledge required to become a top-notch graduate of Automation Engineering.

The course will give you a broad understanding of the technical skills that the Automation Engineering Programme is based on.

About the course

The course starts Monday 2 August, 2021, and over the course of four weeks it will introduce you to:

  • Ohm's law, reading technical drawings and domestic electric installations
  • Domestic house constructions, technical domestic installations, measuring units and gas boiler controls
  • Relay and motor controls as well as measuring equipment on electric engine stands
  • Sensors and fittings, solenoid valves, pressure transmitters and motor valves
  • Company visit to show theory applied in practice

With this new knowledge combined with your competencies from second-cycle learning, you will be geared up for study start in September. 

The pre-studies course entitles you to receive SU, if you are eligible, and it will be undertaken by the lecturers that you will also meet in your study programme. The course takes place at UCN's campus at Sofiendalsvej 60 in Aalborg, which is also where you will be doing the AP Degree Programme in Automation Engineering.   

By taking part in the Pre-studies course prior to the Automation Engineering Programme, you will create the best conditions for yourself in your new life as a student – and you will even improve your employability after graduation.

How and when to sign up

If you have been offered a studyplace at the Automation technology programme at UCN and would like to attend the pre-study course, please fill out the form below. 

Registration deadline: 30 July 2021 at 12.00.

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