Available places

Did you miss the application deadline? Available places will be listed on this page

We have available places in a number of programmes, and you are welcome to submit an application for admission. Please note that you must satisfy the admission requirements to apply for available study places.

You can apply for admission to programmes that start in the summer (September). The application deadline for summer study start is 5 August.

If we still have available places after the application deadline, the received applications will be assessed on a first come, first served basis. This means that the applications will be assessed in the order in which we receive them.

Selection criteria

Please note that a number of selection criteria apply to applications for available places. The selection criteria are the same across study programmes.

Selection criteria for all programmes

Each application will be assessed as a whole and the following items will be of particular interest to us:

  • The grade average of your qualifying exam
  • Your motivation letter/personal statement
  • Work experience, including any military service
  • Other experience, such as periods of summer school/camp or other kinds of education or training etc., periods spent abroad, volunteer work (minimum 3 months)

When we assess your application, we will only consider a total of up to 12 months of work experience and other experience.

Programmes open for application

There are currently no programmes open for application. Any available programmes will be listed here from July 28 2021

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