How to get entry to Denmark

Important information for international students

Due to COVID-19, various rules apply to travels to Denmark. Therefore, it is important that you stay updated on the entry requirements before your travels to Denmark.

Country categories

Countries and regions around the world are classified into four categories: green, yellow, orange and red. The colour codes determine the rules that apply before and/or after entry to Denmark. The colours of countries and regions are revised on a weekly basis and are based on objective criteria and the health situation in the relevant countries/regions.

Please note the country categories are updated on Fridays at 16.00 CET and the updates are applicable from Saturdays at 16.00 CET.

You can find the current country categories on

Vaccination against COVID-19

You can find a visual overview on of the requirements related to travelling to Denmark as it depends on the country category. Additionally, the requirements also differ whether you have been vaccinated or not.    

For students who are vaccinated, please find the section called Travel restrictions for persons travelling based on their status as fully vaccinated.

For students who are not vaccinated, please find the section called Travel restrictions for persons travelling on the basis of a negative COVID-19 test (persons who are not vaccinated and who have not previously been infected with COVID-19).

Documentation of worthy purpose for entering Denmark

International UCN students who want to enter Denmark may need documentation to prove that UCN is physically open. For that reason, UCN has prepared a personal document for all international students to show on request as documentary evidence of their worthy purpose when entering Denmark. It is important that students bring either a printed or a digital copy of the document when they want to enter Denmark.

  • New international students will have received the document in their inbox. 
  • Current international students will have received the document in their UCN inbox.
  • Incoming exchange students will have received their acceptance letter through MoveOn.

The document states that if the Danish authorities have any questions about the document, the authorities should call UCN where we will be ready to help.

Non-EU students travelling to Denmark

Even though being an international student at a Danish institution of higher education is now a worthy purpose when travelling to Denmark, you as a non-EU student must be aware of your country category. Despite your residence permit, you cannot enter Denmark if your country is categorised as red when wanting to enter Denmark.

Link for students with residence in Denmark

You can read more about entry into Denmark on the Danish Police’s website: Entry into Denmark.

For any questions, you may contact the Danish Police’s hotline on +45 7020 6044.