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Mylius Erichsens Vej 137

Mylius Erichsens Vej 137
9210 Aalborg SØ
+45 72 69 90 00

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Postbox 64
9100 Aalborg

Emergency telephone
Tlf: +45 72 69 32 50
If you urgently need help with a building-related problem outside our opening hours (eg alarm, damage, access to buildings or other urgent matters).

Opening hours

General opening hours
Monday Thursday: 8.00 – 17.00
Friday: 8.00 – 16.00

Outside the opening hours you can access the building using your admittance card.

CFU's opening hours
Monday Thursday: 8.00 – 16.00
Friday: 8.00 – 15.00

Departments and study programmes

Apart from two basic programmes the address houses continuing and further education activities, such as UCN act2learn and CFU – Centre for Educational Resources.

Parking and transport

There is free parking at the address as well as good bus connections to and from the centre of Aalborg. Please note that it can be difficult to find vacant parking spaces in the middle of the day.

Find the address by using this map of bus routes and parking spaces at Campus Mylius Erichsens Vej.

Wireless network

If you have problems accessing the wireless network, or if you have other IT problems, please contact the Service Centre or our HelpDesk.

Direct telephone: +45 72 69 99 99

Study environment

Beautiful buildings provide the setting for Campus Mylius Erichsens Vej, and inside you will find a dy-namic and inspiring study environment. Singing and music, art and other cultural activities have a high priority.

The tuition takes place in modern premises, and there is access to good course facilities, a well-equipped multimedia workshop, a well-functioning library and obliging student counsellors. We aim at a high service level in all areas, and our caretakers are famous for their helpfulness.

The social life is strengthened through various activities at the initiative of the student council (DSR), including parties, feature week and Friday Bar in the Cave.

The Cave is a room designed with special attention to social activities for students.