Reflective Practice-Based Learning

University College of Northern Denmark’s learning approach

At UCN we want our students to be ready for the labour market of the future. We want to be prepared for the competences required by the labour market and to educate persons who are capable of acquiring new knowledge, skills and competences, and who are qualified to develop practice.

The professional, personal and social competences that our students acquire in the course of our study programmes must be directly applicable in the labour market. The development of UCN's learning approach, Reflective Practice-Based Learning, is based on that.

The core of our approach to learning is the interaction between theory and practice combined with personal reflections. That is why the collaboration with practice is decisive, and we see it as a joint responsibility for all staff, students and partners from the practice field to create the framework for students – alone and together with others – to

  • be able to set up hypotheses and test ideas in practice and through that practice their ability to suggest solutions and argue for certain actions;
  • be able to set up realistic learning outcomes themselves;
  • learn what the assignment requires in practice;
  • acquire effective learning strategies to solve assignments in practice; and
  • learn the significance of collaboration in the execution of the work in practice as well as gradually gain an increased  theoretical insight into and understanding of what they work with

In relation to UCN’s lecturers, there may in the coming years be particular focus on

  • their continuous acquisition of knowledge about and insight into practice via contact to the labour market, for example through combination employment and job rotation;
  • involving practice experience in the theoretical tuition and ensuring a good basis for reflection and feedback on the experience of the students from practice; and
  • planning exams in collaboration with practice or as authentic, practice-related methods with a view to making the exam a learning situation in which students use their professional judgement

Reflective Practice-Based Learning is an ongoing development work which must always seek to reflect the needs of the industries and the professions now and in future as well as develop the students' potential to make them as skilled as possible. We do that, for example, by researching into Reflective Practice-Based Learning, creating new learning activities and sharing knowledge across our study programmes in collaboration with our partners, such as conferences and project days.

Want to know more?

You can learn more about our approach to learning in this animated video. You can also read more in our leaflet on Reflective Practice-Based Learning.

Reflective Practice-Based Learning